What I like the most is structure.

It’s construction when I make something out of nothing by craft (embroidery, knitting, crocheting) by organizing events and trips and – above all – by writing.

It’s deconstruction when I analyse a text, architecture, a city map or someone’s behaviour. I don’t have to be right but I need to find my own point of view.

I like the idea of changing activities very much: after writing I begin to embroider or make other craftwork. When I travel I read or work on a new text. I’m on the move all the time, both physically and mentally. Other activities you may find me involved in include sailing, skiing, travelling, theatre, craftworks, reading and writing. But also learning. I can’t omit my deep interest in Japanese culture of course. This has been my passion since elementary school and now part of my career is devoted to it. If you’d like to read more about it, visit Curator as well as Writing and Publications.

I love to build the structure of a text. A revelation was If on a winter’s night traveler by Italo Calvino, and most interesting novels and lectures by Umberto Eco.

In my opinion it doesn’t matter whether you think about launching a new product in your company, organizing a conference or creating an exhibition. Each of them is a project involving making something that can be enjoyable and useful to people.


And here are my hobbies and passions summed up in a list:

Japanese culture:

  • Chadō
  • Chūshingura, or the Story of Forty-seven Ronin
  • Woodblock prints


Umberto Eco’s open text concept

Structures of texts and systems analysis






  • knitting
  • cross embroidering
  • stencil-dyening
  • shibori, or tie-dyeing



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