Front-End Development

Last summer I decided to learn something new, to change my career path. So I participated in a bootcamp Become a Front-End Developer by CodersLab and I learned hard how to code. The bootcamp’s scope included: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Git, Responsive Web Design, Sass, PHP, WordPress.

I found the front-end deveopment activity full of joy and magic, because building websites is like creating something out of nothing. I write a magical spell and – pow! – a shadowed text appears, I write another and – whizz…! – colourful elements move. It’s almost like writing a story but the effect is immediately visible. And – as I said before – I like structures.

My first website is an on-line catalogue for the Kimono Un-Perfect exhibition, a presentation of modern kimono designed by Joanna Bodzek. The kimono exhibition is an effect of her comparing Western and Japanese cultures, as well as observing women’s condition in both of them. You may find it in the Curator section.

Design (including layout and colours): ©Aleksandra Görlich
Code: ©Aleksandra Görlich
The website is built on HTML5, CSS3 with Sass, JavaScript with jQuery, with RWD.
Images: © Joanna Bodzek Studio.

Work is in progress, but it’s almost done.

I also make practice with responsive web design. In May 2017 I adjusted the Nowe Peryferie magazine website for mobile phone devices.

I have some practice with various platforms – mostly ecommerce and custom ones in context of code implementation and content management. Sometimes it’s a real challenge to access particular file from a dashboard or understand other webmaster’s idea of the website structure! 😉

Then further exercises will come: I need to explore wonderful world of HTML5 and CSS3 (which I love!) and JavaScript. This is the beginning.


My code can be found on GitHub under yumeandra nickname. To enter my websites, come to this address:


If you’d like to work with me in a team and give me an opportunity to learn more, I will highly appreciate it.

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