About me


AleksAleksandra Görlich, foto by Kamil A. Krajewskiandra Görlich

currently living in Kraków, Poland


www: pl.linkedin.com/in/aleksandragoerlich

GitHub: yumeandra



  • 2019 – quality analyst (Cognizant, working for Google)
  • 2019 – coordinator of the international conference ‘Collections – Encounters – Inspirations. Reception of Japanese art and crafts in Central and Eastern Europe before the establishment of diplomatic contacts between Poland and Japan in 1919’. Also co-author of the conference website.
  • 2017 – web implementation specialist (Cognizant, working for Google)
  • 2016 – junior front-end developer [for more information visit the ‘Front-End Development‘ post]
  • 2010 – associate author in the Nowa Dekada Krakowska periodical
  • 2005–2016 art curator (Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology) [for more information visit the ‘Curator‘ and  the ‘Writings and Publications‘ posts]
  • 2003–2005 tour-leader (Wygoda Travel Agency) [for more information visit the ‘Tourism‘ post]


Jagiellonian University, Institute of Art History, Master of Art History

PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate in Project Management

Certificate of Completion of full-time coding bootcamp Become Front-End Developer [for more information visit the ‘Front-End‘ post]


English, French, Italian, German, Japanese

When I began studies of art history, Prof. Jan Ostrowski said: ‘An art historian needs to speak a few languages and read in at least five foreign languages.’ I took his words to heart and I find a way to read in every language if I need to get into a text. Please, find more about my language skills in the ‘Languages‘ post.


I love to travel. I spent my childhood travelling throughout Poland with my family. As a teenager I began to explore Europe with friends which led me to my first job – a tour-leader.

As a tour-leader I was responsible for  arranging accomodation, indicating trip routes and guiding groups.

As an art curator , I also arranged business trips and artworks transport (domestic and international), including insurance matters. Now, I make trips for my own pleasure, such as the Japanese map exhibition in Leiden (Netherlands) or the MeasureCamp ‘unconference’.  Not to mention holiday in Italy or Ireland.

It’s a pleasure to travel and to show the charms of various places to others. Please find all my destinations in the ‘Tourism‘ post.


In Poland we say: ‘Speech is silver but silence is golden’, but how can we describe writing? It must be a combination of them both. I’ve been writing ever since I was able to hold a pen. When I was five, I found that I wanted to be a book writer and I did everything to become an author. And so I do write and publish. You may find my publication list in the ‘Writing and Publications‘ post. I love to play with text structure and various styles, adapting them to the required function.


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