Google Tools

Web Implementation and Troubleshooting

Since June 2019 I work as a Quality Analysis Specialist. My main responsibilities are:

  • Review quality of the EMEA Webtech Team and providing feedback to the agents,
  • Providing quality reports for the client on weekly basis,
  • Cross-location and cross-vendor collaboration with quality teams,
  • Alignment the quality workflow and criteria with the client quality team and communicating changes in the process to the agents,
  • Providing training sessions for internal and external teams.



Since March 2017 until May 2019 I worked as a Web Implementation Specialist. In other words I helped with implementing and troubleshooting such Google tools as

  • Google Analytics,
  • Google Ads (remarketing and conversion tags),
  • Google Tag Manager with a range of its tags,
  • and Google Merchant Center.

By myself I also use Data Studio.

On daily basis I worked with many CMS platforms, mostly with WordPress, Prestashop, Shoper, Clickshop or Joomla, as well as with various custom websites.

Beside customer support I also provided trainings for other agents in Poland, India and Malaysia and I found it very satisfying and enjoyable.

I like playing around with website traffic data, setting goals and tracking conversions to analyse more data. I realised it might be really addictive…

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